OEM Service / Product Development

With decades of experience in the kitchenware industry, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop their most unique and innovative products in OEM projects, from turning creative ideas into technical drawings, to product development and eventually mass production. We differentiate ourselves by our ability and dedication to provide quality services in OEM projects, with the support of the finest in-house experts with professional knowledge and technical proficiency, our skillful in-house molding making team to craft every single detail to reveal the uniqueness of each product, and our strategic investment in advanced technology.

Why Choose Us?

Trusted OEM/ODM Partner
We are the trusted business partner of reputable retailers and world-renowned brand owners because we understand their unique requirements and professional standards.
Product Design and Development
Our in-house product design and development team is always ready to help our clients turn their creative concepts into technical drawings.
Engineering Capabilities
Our skillful in-house mold-making, testing and sampling team is adept at crafting every single detail to reveal the uniqueness of each product, while our engineers take the initiative to liaise with the clients and advise them on the most suitable and cost-effective technologies to use in mass production.
Sales and Production
Our experienced customer service and sales team work closely with product designers, engineers and production line managers, fulfilling our clients’ product requirement at the most competitive price.
100%-Owned Factory Facilities
We truly appreciate craftsmanship, and with our 100%-owned production facilities, we provide flexibility in product design options and production capacities.
Quality Assurance
We undergo a thorough pilot testing and product qualification process for each order before mass production. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer targeting the top tier market, we ensure our clients consistently receive high quality products and services that meet various international standard.

What We Do

Our Certifications

Our machinery

We use advanced technology to refine each step, from product development to mass production