About Us

Wan Kou was established in 1970. Since then, we have designed, developed, and produced a wide range of kitchenware, leveraging the latest innovative technologies. We are the trusted business partner of world-renowned brands and retailers, with a strong track record of turning creative concepts into reality. Over the past decades, we have been making strategic investments as we continue to upgrade our machinery and the automation processes, aiming to provide greater flexibility from product development to mass production.

Our Factory

Our 380,000 sq. ft. factory in Dongguan is equipped with sophisticated machinery, including laser-cutting machines, power press, plastic injection machines, die casting machines and automated polishing machines. With meticulous materials procurement and selection processes in place, together with the dedication of our quality assurance team, our clients benefit from our cost-efficiency - wastage is kept at the minimum and each product is finished with the most exquisite quality. We have obtained ISO9001:2015 and BSCI certifications, demonstrating our ability to consistently provide our clients with high quality products and services, and our commitment to maintain a fair and safe production and working environment.

Company Profile

200 +

Skillful Workers

380,000 sq.ft

Factory Area


Satisfied Customers


Customized Products

Globally Inspired

Our kitchenware products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Oceania and many major markets in the world. The product range includes kitchen tools, kitchen gadgets, tableware, barware, baking accessories, cutting boards, cutlery and cleaning accessories.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) / Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

Our Milestones

1970 - 1980

It all started with a torch. The founder of our factory, Mr. Law Chi Man, established Wan Kou in Hong Kong to manufacture handheld torches to local and overseas customers.

1980 - 1990

The second generation of Wan Kou, Mr. Law Yung Kai, made a major decision to expand Wan Kou's business into the kitchenware sector. Wan Kou has since then rapidly enhanced our production capability to fulfill the growing demands for our wide variety of products. As demands continued to surge, Mr. Law foresaw the need to increase Wan Kou's production capacity further. He had therefore made another major decision to move the factory to Dongguan, China.

1990 - 2000

Mr. Law's vision made him of the proud trailblazers moving production plants to China in the early 90's. Wan Kou was honored to be at the forefront of supporting the rise of Mainland China, witnessing our home country entering a new era of growth.

2000 - 2010

Product development is always vital to the kitchenware business. Wan Kou acquired the first 3D printer in 2000 to support in-house product development and OEM projects. The establishment of the zinc alloy and silicone production line had enchanced our ability to offer a much wider product range. Wan Kou had also invested on various automated machines and our first laser cutting machine to improve production efficiency with shorter lead time.

2010 - 2020

The emergence of robotic arms has significantly increased the production capacities of our factories, which also serves as a sustainable solution to labour shortage in China. Wan Kou is committed to improving the working environment of our factory workers. Social responsibility is a key component of our values, and we have obtained BSCI certification since 2016. We have also obtained ISO9001:2015 certification and have implemented a quality management system, in which all quality assurance procedures are precisely designed and product quality are tested according to international standards.